About us

Serious Graphic Design – Since 1976

Durban based graphic designer Garth Walker founded two of South Africa’s well known and highly regarded graphic design studios: Orange Juice Design in 1994 – later acquired by Ogilvy South Africa – and more recently in 2008, Mister Walker. Mister Walker works across the corporate, public and private sectors for many of South Africa’s best known brands – on both large and small projects – covering a wide range of design disciplines.


Here to help

Mister Walker is a graphic design studio – but for each and every client there’s a new and unique problem to be solved, an opinion to be offered, or magic to be made. We’re highly specialised and mega experienced in the field of brands and branding – from a start-up brand to an existing brand refresh. From logos to books, packaging to exhibitions, a hand-drawn doodle to a photograph, we’ve likely done it for someone. Simply, if it’s a tool to make your business perform better, we can help create whatever it is you need.


Talk To The Chef, Not The Waiter

We’ve been doing this a long time now. Like any marriage it helps to have the right partner before you walk down the aisle. Mister Walker and their clients are a team. We don’t have A or B clients, so every client gets the same personal attention. To list the brands we’ve worked for would have you scrolling for a month. It’s safe to say there aren’t many corporate, public, consumer or service brands we haven’t assisted in some wayŠ